Experienced Agents

If it’s time for you to make a change, take a close look at ANA Residential. ANA Residential is the up and coming third division of ANA’s family of brokerage services. We are now looking for sales agent leadership in a new hot division and have a large market share of untapped clientele needing residential services. Simply put, ANA Residential has an unparalleled platform in comparison to any other firm in DFW. Our agents are given the opportunity to generate transitional income from all 3 divisions depending on the agent’s preference. We have an unmatched vertical market of buyers and sellers for businesses, commercial/industrial real estate, and now residential sales & leasing. We are a convenient One Stop Shop for our clients that traditional residential brokerages just do not have. Contact Us now to start an exciting path to your residential career with nothing but growth potential.

Changing Career Paths

Are you tired of the corporate grind? Want to set your own hours and work for yourself all while making a lucrative income? Think about a change to residential real estate, one of the most rewarding careers available. Put your passion for working with people, negotiation skills, and corporate experience to work for yourself and the people you help. With motivation and determination, you can earn a real estate license in no time, and then begin your successful career. ANA Residential will be your support system through your journey to success. Be a part of an up-and-coming boutique residential firm. Don’t wait another day. Contact Us now to join the team.

First-Time Real Estate Agents

If you’ve got dreams for the future and passion to get there, but unsure on the direction, then ANA Residential can pave the way for you in a career in real estate. Making a positive impact on people’s lives, while providing a living for you and your family is invaluable in our great industry. The real estate industry is one of the largest and most active markets so why not join the fun. We will help you plan and achieve your goals step by step. You will also have the opportunity to focus in unrestricted sectors of your interest. Want to be a home Listing Specialist? Strictly a Buyer’s Agent? Do you also want to sell Commercial Real Estate or even an operating Business? ANA’s team has senior members to help coach you in the direction you want to take. We’ll make sure you have the resources you need to do the best job possible. Contact Us now to find out how to take steps towards being a real estate professional.

Send your completed application to with subject line “ANA New Hire”

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